Employment Law

Julie is predominately a management-side employment attorney. She has exclusively represented management on matters such as EEOC position statements, employment litigation (sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, and similar matters), employment policy drafting, and employment-related risk management advice. She is especially effective assisting management with sexual harassment issues, resolution of performance issues, performance management, termination of problem employees without subsequent costly litigation, and other matters. Her focus is on problem solving, proactive management and on helping employers develop and maintain an effective work force.

The one exception to Julie’s management-side practice has been working with “C level” employees in employment contract negotiation. She understands both management and employee perspectives, which is a key asset in negotiation and mediation.

Her substantive areas of expertise include: gender (including sexual harassment), age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, wage and hour (FLSA) and disability laws, as well as pre-employment agreements and non-compete contracts.