Title IX

Title IX has evolved to become among the biggest challenges to educational institutions, and much of that evolution has occurred within the past decade. Complying with Title IX requires balanced policies, effective training and consistent implementation.

As a former police attorney and university general counsel, Julie Risher is uniquely qualified to help educational institutions develop and maintain appropriate, effective Title IX policies and procedures. Her background and experience in teaching, training, risk management and policy development, and her substantive legal knowledge of Title IX and constitutional law make her an excellent resource for educational institutions seeking to achieve and maintain compliance with Title IX requirements.

Title IX Audits and Reviews

Having policies on paper is simply not sufficient in the current atmosphere of heightened scrutiny in press and from the Department of Education.  Institutions with Title IX policies and mechanisms in place may benefit from an independent review to access whether the policies and procedures match the actual practices at the institution. Julie works with the client to develop the scope of the review or audit, conducts research and interviews as appropriate, and provides the client with a written (or oral, if preferred) report.

Title IX Policy Development, Review and Evaluation

Julie’s comprehensive experience in policy development makes her well-suited to assist institutions in this area. Services include helping the institution identify solutions which comply with the law and are also consistent with the institution’s culture. She has employed her knowledge of Title IX to help organizations develop effective, efficient, legally defensible Title IX policies.

Title IX Investigations and Reports

Timely investigations are imperative in Title IX cases. Resources are precious, and sometimes because of the institution’s size, other pressing matters, or any number of other reasons, an institution finds that it simply doesn’t have an impartial, trained investigator available in a timely fashion. Julie’s experience in law enforcement agencies augments her Title IX knowledge, making her well-suited to conduct investigations and prepare reports.

Title IX Mediation

Litigation related to Title IX is increasing in both volume and complexity, and mediation skills will continue to play an increasingly significant role.  Julie’s experience in this area is especially useful to educational institutions.

In addition to being a certified mediator, Julie has substantial experience “sitting at the table” representing her clients and working with clients to move to common ground with the opposing party. She helps clients understand that both parties benefit from a successful mediation.